Goals and Objectives

The Orphanage Project’s primary objective is to meet the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of orphaned and/or destitute children by providing them with love, care, nourishment, guidance, and the highest level of education so that they can grow to be valued members of society with a promising future and a memorable past.

The Orphanage Project also aims to provide all of the children of Haiti  with the highest level of education and guidance, so they can grow to be assets to their community and so that they can compete competitively for jobs, admissions and placement upon graduation. The Orphanage Project aims to not only cater to children’s mental needs, but to provide a complete package, by catering to the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of the children as well.
Another goal of The Orphanage Project is to provide disabled persons with the requisite therapy, training, care and love so they can overcome the social limitations placed on them because of their disability and achieve their goals and dreams. The Orphanage Project also aims to educate the general public about disabilities in an attempt to destroy the many myths and stereotypes about disabilities rampant in the community. The Orphanage Project also seeks to aid outcast, battered and widowed men and women by providing them with an accepting environment, love, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual nourishment, jobs, training and the power to step into the outside world and accomplish their goals and dreams, putting their past behind them.
Yet another aim of The Orphanage Project is to provide destitute or needy elderly persons with a clean, safe, comfortable and loving environment, in which to spend their golden years in dignity.
The organization also has the goal of providing sick individuals with the highest level of love, care and medical attention available. Also, The Orphanage Project seeks to provide the terminally ill with whatever is necessary so that they may spend their last days with dignity. The Orphanage Project aims to provide all persons with training and access to the latest technology, concepts, and ideas as well as time-tested traditions and ideas so that they can successfully compete in the global economy

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